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1. What is Keltic krew beard oil/Balm?

Well it's the best beard oil and balm on the market( what else would we say...)


Keltic krew crafts in small batches, nourishing oils and balms that are amazing for your beard.

We only use premium grade carrier and essential oils that are 100% natural.

You wont be stuck for choice either as we have 3 fragrances of each oil/balm that will suit even the seasoned cork sniffer.


The end result will be a softer, healthier, shinier(not greasy) and less wild beard.


2.Who can use keltic krew beard oil/balm?

Any man out there, whether you have stubble or a massive beard or even bum fluff, our beard oil and balm is suitable for you.

One thing we do ask is to read the ingredients, just to make sure you are not allergic to any of our oils.

And as always we recommend a patch test. If for any reason irritation occurs, stop using immediately.


3.Whats in the bottle?

Every bottle of oil will start with these 5 wonder ingredients


Peach kernel


Sweet almond

Golden Jojoba

Viatmin E

 All of which are known and proven for their Hair and skin benefits. We spent a long time mixing and matching different base oils... one hefty credit card bill and 2 explosions later we have found our base for our oils. These will soften even the hairiest of faces.


4.Whats in the tin?

Just like our beard oils, our beard balms will also have a base that will stay the same through out the 3 scents.


Shea Butter

Cocoa butter

Natural Beeswax

Peach kernel


Sweet almond

Golden Jojoba

Viatmin E

 Again like our beard oils these are all magical ingredients, and will soften and style the most unruly hairs and has just enough hold ,without turning your facial plumage to concrete.


 5.What happens if im not happy with my purchase?

 We want all our customers to be completely happy with their purchase, but in the unlikely event you have a problem, Contact us immediately. We do offer a 14 day money back guarentee on all products. If you ordered the wrong product, dont hesitate to contact us and we will sort it out.


 6.Are my details safe?

 Our website is built on the big commerce platform, and thus your details are and always will be completely safe, we use stripe and paypal to process payments, so we will never keep any of your payment details


 7.Do ye test on animals?

 No. We never have, and will never test any of Keltic Krews products, on animals.


 8.How do I apply your products?

 A good rule of thumb for beard oil, is to pour a penny size amount to your palm, rub your hands together and work your way up starting from your neck, when you reach the tasher, reverse and come back down again making sure you massage in to skin and beard.

 Style with your comb, and enjoy.

 For beard balm the process is similar, massage balm in to skin and beard and then style with your hands before finishing it off with a comb for the desired look.


 9.Can Keltic Krew beard oil/balm stop the dreaded itch?

Of course it can! All our natural beard care products have the same thing in common, to nourish the skin and therefor stop that itch.


10.Where are keltic krews grooming products made?

  All of our oils and balms are produced, packaged, printed in Limerick, Ireland.


11.Do Keltic Krew Ship worldwide.

 Yes...We want to spread our bearded (and not so bearded love) love worldwide. If your country isnt on the list please e-mail and we will try our best to sort something out for you. We aim to please.


12.How do I store my oils/balms?

Essential oils are not big fans of extreme changes in heat, so to keep your oil in tip top condition, keep it in a cool, dry, dark place and not the fridge( it's not beer!)

On a more serious note

Please keep your oils and balms out of reach of children and pets.




13.How do I become a stockist of Keltic Krew products?

 We are delighted to hear you want to stock our products. Please e-mail our phone us for more information on how to join the krew!