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What is beard oil?

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The popularity of bearded men continues to rise, yet there is still quite a few guys out there, that have never heard of beard oil, and a lot that have, still don't know exactly what its used for.

What's in it?

Keltic Krew's beard oil is made up with 100% natural ingredients. A base of peach kernel, grapeseed, Jojoba and sweet almond work wonders on the skin topped off with essential oils which give it an awesome scent.

What does it do?

The skin beneath your beard doesn't take a lot to dry out, Use of commercial shampoos, washing your face, climate etc all play a part in your skins condition, if you were to grow a beard and wash it, without putting in beard oil afterwords, it wont take long to turn your beard growing success in to a failure.

Beard oil hydrates the skin, preventing in from drying out and getting those dreaded beard flakes that no one wants.

Beard oil also softens the hairs on your face, getting rid of the old wire brush feeling. While giving your beard a nice shine. 

How to use.

Beard oil works best after you wash your beard, The pores are open on your face, and its easier to spread the beard oil through a damp beard than it is a dry one.

Use 1-2 drops at least once a day, for small beard and increase depending on how manly your beard is.voyager-warrior-and-chieftain-beard-oil-range.jpg

You'll smell good.

Having a great looking beard is important, so is having a great smelling beard, depending on what adventures you get up to during the day, its easy for the beard to take on some smells, that you might not want.  That's why having a great smelling beard is a must. 

fresh/citrus scent Voyager beard oil

Woodsy -  Warrior beard oil

Spicy Chieftain beard oil

Now that you know what beard oil does, its time to up your beard game and give that beard the respect it deserves.

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