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About us


Keltic Krew story


Established, designed and hand crafted in Limerick, Ireland. The Keltic Krew brand is all about beards and men's grooming products.

We noticed a few things prior to Keltic krew, as our furry faces grew thicker and stronger there was some flaws along the way.


  1. The beards habit of catching on to every nasty whiff that came its way.

  2. The feeling of having an old wire brush on your face.

Thats just not cool, and who wants to turn off every lady in a ten mile radius, with a smelly and wirey face....?


All our beard care products are hand crafted with all, natural ingredients, that were carefully chosen for there beard and skin nourishment and will help stop scratchy, flaky, smelly and dryed out beards.

 Our initial product range includes three unique beard oils and three beard balms that have been in the making for over a year. Our range includes “Warrior ” which is a light but unmistakenly woodsie scent. “ Chieftain” which is a spicy scent like no other, and “Voyager” Which just has that Classic and refreshing feel good vibe, going on.


We know how Important your beard is to you, and if your only starting your bearded voyage, you'll soon realise how important it is too. All our products, are all fully safety certified according to EU regulations, so you can be sure that what goes on your beard is good for it.

If your beard is causing you any agro and you need keltic krew to sort it out, our if you need to talk to us for any other reason,give us a call (yes really you can call), e-mail, facebook. Morse code, instagram, twitter.


Our goal is to get rid of the stereotype..beardsmen are unkempt and lazy